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Strength verification

In order to assess structural stresses, a high-performance analysis tool is used to create strength verifications.

The tool assesses structural stresses regarding material properties, design properties, component strengths and safety factors necessary for the respective specific application.

The strength verification ensues according to the stress concept of the local stresses according to the FKM guideline, 6th edition, 2012 in the fields:

  • Basic material (steel, aluminium, cast materials)
  • Welded steel structures
  • Welded aluminium structures
  • Weld root
  • Weld transition
  • Heat input zone
  • Static stability
  • Fatigue strength
  • Operational stability


This ascertains the following findings:

  • Utilisation level of the analysed structures
  • Sustainable numbers of load cycles
  • Limiting load of the structure
  • Suitable weld seam design
  • Detailed localisation of the critical load zones
  • Potential of weight optimisations in low stress areas



base material

Weld seam measurement



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Zertifiziert nach DIN ISO 9001
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