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Project management

Briefly explained: iW’s project management is generally subdivided into project definition, project execution and project closure. The target is that projects are correctly planned and controlled, that the risks are limited and project targets are achieved qualitatively, on schedule and within the budget, considering customer wishes as well as the direct integration of the customer into the project process. The customer satisfaction here is top priority. The project management comes into play by taking over the overall project responsibility and project subareas.

1. Project definition:

  • Initial analysis:
    aim is to examine the project purpose and the project environment.
  • Target definition:
    the project target is defined clearly and completely, measurably, realisably and terminatedly. Important requirements, the acceptance criteria and the delineation of project are fixed.
  • Risk analysis:
    risks which could threaten the project target are identified.
  • Rough planning:
    breaking the project down into a project structure plan according to objective, functional and/or time criteria. Depending on the scope of the project, sub projects are defined. Phases with work packages and milestones are fixed. A first estimation of costs and resources is undertaken.
  • Project organisation:
    fixing of the decision-making competences and responsibilities as well as the reporting lines with the customer.
  • Contract management:
    the agreements on deliveries and services are documented as contract in writing.
  • Kick-off meeting:
    finally there is a project start meeting (kick-off meeting) in which all participants in the project are extensively informed about the project target, risks, planning.


2. Project execution:

  • Project controlling:
    target actual comparisons on basis of the detailed planning accompany the progress of the project. Deviations are observed critically and communicated to the customer in good time. Decisions, e.g. regarding the change of planning specifications to counteract the critical project paths, are made together with the customer. The progress of the project thus becomes transparent for the customer at any time.
  • Risk management:
    fixed project risks are continually reassessed in the course of the project execution. Essential changes are communicated to the customer.
  • Documentation/communication:
    requirements which ensue in meetings, telephone conferences or in written form are communicated to all relevant locations. The requirements are recorded in writing. Thus ensures a transparent “step by step” progress of the project for all participants.


3. Project closure:

  • Quality control:
    guarantee that there are project data according to the agreed acceptance criteria and quality.
  • Data transfer:
    provision of the data to the customer with subsequent acceptance by the same..
  • Project closure meeting:
    reflection of the project course internally, and with the customers with subsequent optimisation process.
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