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Special machine construction

In order to be able to manufacture, test or assemble products cost-effectively or also to meet high quality requirements, it is often necessary to develop and construct a machine which enables this. Because these functions of a special or also complex product cannot be realised with standard machines, a special machine adjusted to the specific function is required.

More often these machines take on all processes to manufacture or assemble the entire product. Starting with simple assembly steps up to static or dynamic tests of individual components.

Already in the preliminary stage to the development and construction, we take care to select quickly available spare parts and machine components to be able to guarantee short down times in case of a maintenance. Here it is important to draw on components of renowned manufacturers.

In order to be able to control and monitor the numerous axles as well as set up and determine important process parameters, the machines are equipped with very modern machine controls and the corresponding hardware. In order to guarantee the complex monitoring of the machine, it is necessary to use all kinds of sensors and measurement systems. They must all be assessed by the controls.

Because there is no ready control software for special machines, they are specially developed and programmed for the machine. A simple visualisation for the user often ensues by way of touchscreen.

The machine environment presents an additional requirement which is met by using special materials or coatings.

We were assigned a special task in which components are joined together by heating and using nitrogen. Here it is important to fulfil the high safety requirement, and at the same time ensure a comfortable operation.

Assembly and testing machine

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